Catalonia boosts its presence on halal markets with top-quality products

Catalonia boosts its presence on markets where halal meat products are consumed and makes a mark on the Muslim countries of the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). The value of Catalan agri-food exports has risen sharply in that part of the world due to the increasing penetration of products such as meat, fruit and vegetables, cereals, coffee, tea, spices, fish, patisserie products, and beverages. Prodeca and the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food have drawn up a plan to make Catalan exporting companies more competitive and have more transparent halal meat certificates. This tool helps consumers to make informed decisions when buying and specifies that the product complies with the Islamic dietary laws. The Catalan Food, Halal Club programme is a benchmark for food companies producing for the halal market. 

Online platform

Prodeca has launched an online platform providing accessible information on dozens of halal products made in Catalonia, detailing all characteristics. In addition to showcasing the products, it also offers buyers a trusted framework for halal quality certification. The guide can be consulted on a specific area of the Prodeca website, which lists the companies and products that have a halal guarantee certificate. There is also updated information on the halal offer in Catalonia and on the food and drinks markets that have the certification. 

Backing businesses

To support exporting companies, Prodeca offers a Spanish version of the DAFZA guide 'Dubai: The Global Gateway to Halal Industries', an essential document to train and inform agri-food companies that want to produce for the Halal food market. In parallel, planning is underway for a course at the Blanquerna University of Barcelona to study Muslim markets and Islamic economics. It is aimed at professionals working in economics, business and institutional fields who want to learn more about opportunities linked to Muslim countries and markets, both internationally and locally. Growing markets for products to suit Islamic tastes and traditions in countries such as Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the UK, France and Germany are opening up new horizons for Catalan companies. 


Alimentaria - a major showcase

There is increasing interest in the halal sector, which is more prevalent at the Alimentaria Fair held every spring at the Fira de Barcelona. Halal Expo is a meeting place for international companies, experts and influential people who foster knowledge in the sector, with a strong presence in the UK, France, Germany and Belgium. The event also involves top chefs who give live demos to show how versatile this type of cuisine is and make fusions with oriental and exotic foods.

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