Catalonia Food & Gastronomy Hub, an overview of Catalonia's agri-food and gastronomic power at Alimentaria 2018

Prodeca - the Catalan Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Food - has brought Catalonia's agri-food and gastronomic excellence together in one place, in an exercise of streamlining and representation. 

The 320m2 multi-purpose space will offer 80+ activities over the four days of the trade fair: tasting sessions, cooking demos, product presentations, talks, sectoral meetings, and business meetings.


Catalonia, its land, products and the people who work with them are all brought together in one place with a commercial objective, all seen through the eyes of the agents, producers, processors and chefs who make the Catalan agri-food sector one of the most cutting edges in Europe. The Catalonia Food & Gastronomy HUB at Alimentaria 2018 gives a summarised display of the good and best of a land with an agri-food turnover of €25.2 Bn per year, employing some 79,900 professionals in 2,500 food and beverage producing industries and 3,695 exporting companies.

The programme for the four days of the show (16 to 19 April) includes some 80 activities - tasting sessions, cooking demos, product presentations, talks, sectoral meetings and business meetings. The content that feeds the HUB will cover the various categories of Catalonia's most emblematic products. 


The stand provides a meeting place for importers and producers - a showcase of Catalan agri-food strength and a container for its production, export and business capacity. A video installation made up of six large screens will show the entire food chain, from the most macro-level (landscape, territory) to the raw materials (product) and how they are prepared (processing), via the kitchen from where they are taken to the table: from field to gourmet fork.



The chefs themselves will be on hand to talk about the products. Such renowned chefs as Adrián Marín, Rafael Muria, Pep Nogué, Ada Parellada, Jeroni Castell, Alain Guiard, Ricard Borrás, Martí Rosàs, Albert Mendiola and Rafa Zafra will give cooking demos, while Ferran Adrià, Joan Roca, Josep Roca, Carme Ruscalleda, Jordi Cruz, Paco Pérez, Sergio and Javier Torres, Fina Puigdevall, Nandu Jubany, Ferran Centelles, and Christian Escribà will appear in promotional videos about the quality of Catalan products, which comprise the pantry of some of the world's best restaurants, presented live by Carles Gaig and Eduard Xatruch at one of Prodeca's main events at Alimentaria. 


Products in the limelight

Cheeses and dried sausages will play a big role. Some of Catalonia's most acclaimed cheeses will be available for tasting at a counter where they will be displayed, explained and sampled. They include winning cheeses from the Lactium Award (Vic), the World Cheese Awards, and Sant Ermengol Fair in La Seu d'Urgell. In the case of dried sausages, there will be an overview of the most well known in Catalonia, including the PGI Vic llonganissa sausage, various types of Catalan botifarra and bull sausages, hams and typically Catalan dried sausages made from pork. Products with a protected designation of origin (PGI/PDO) will also feature on one of the four counters as the quality stamp of a gastronomically diverse and rich territory. 


In the fine food category, some of the most emblematic products will be on display on one of the four HUB counters. The products were selected from the results of a survey of Catalan journalists, influencers, foodies and chefs about their favourite products and brands. The results will be presented on Monday 16th at 4.45 pm at the Fabulous Fine Food event.


There will be a specific space and activities for wines and cavas, led by the Catalan Institute of Vine and Wine (INCAVI). Visitors to the HUB will see examples from the twelve DOs in Catalonia and learn about the unique grape varieties, terroir, and wine-making methods. They will also be offered the first taste of the top Grenache wines from the World's Best Grenache competition, held just prior to the Forum.


Catalan halal cuisine, at the Catalonia Food & Gastronomy HUB 

Halal cuisine will feature prominently in the demonstrations, tastings and live cooking that will take place at the Gastronomy HUB as part of the Catalan Food - Halal Club programme, which aims to meet the need to promote and internationalise Catalan agri-food companies that produce for the halal market. The programme activities include a presentation on Thursday 18 April at 2 pm of an online directory to find and read about Catalan producers with halal certification and the characteristics of their products. In its mission to serve businesses, Prodeca will present the Dubai Global Gateway for the Halal Industry guide - a key text for training and informing Catalan agri-food companies that want to produce for the halal food market.


The launch of the Catalan Food - Halal Club programme will include a live cooking demo duet with chefs Antonio Sáez (Hotel Arts) and Francesc Solé Parellada (7portes). There will also be tasting of dishes from the United Arab Emirates and, on the Catalan side, a halal menu featuring typical Catalan cuisine. 


Prodeca at Alimentaria, in addition to the HUB

As part of its strong commitment to boost trade and internationalisation of the Catalan agri-food sector, the Catalan Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, through Prodeca, will organise the participation of 192 Catalan firms under the umbrella of Catalonia in the various show areas: Lands of Spain, Intervin Intercarn and Interlac. 



Overview of catalan companies at Alimentaria 2018

Hall name Location Surface area Participants
International Pavelló 1 54 m2 6 institutions
Lands of Spain Pavelló 2 1.150 m2 98 companies
Intervin Pavelló 3 763 m2 69 companies
Interlact Pavelló 4 60 m2 9 companies
Intercarn Pavelló 5 359 m2 10 companies
Catalonia Food & Gastronomy Hub Pavelló 3 315 m2  

2.701 m2

192 companies


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