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Montse Valera +34 93 554 17 52


Prodeca supports regional promotion of the Welcome to the Farm project, now in its fifth year. As part of the project it is offering to join forces with the territories that are taking part.

It will provide financing to help publicise the project.

Each Welcome to the Farm (DB) regional delegate will centralise the communications actions that best suit the needs of the area. Communications actions include: graphic design of promotional material, printed materials, and other communications proposals that Prodeca will consider.


Terms and conditions for financing

The maximum amount available for each territory is €600 (+VAT).

All invoices from external suppliers must be sent to Prodeca as proof of costs to be reimbursed for each promotional action. Outsourced costs must be submitted with an explanation of each expense, quantity and quality on the invoice. Travel expenses and per diems will be exempt.

Prodeca reserves the right to accept (and to reject) invoices if the justification for the expenditure is not clear or is not clearly linked to the Welcome to the Farm project.