Catalan dishes


This guide to Catalan products and dishes is organised around the times and places when we eat, and aims to showcase Catalan cuisine and produce and encourage people to eat local products.

This project identifies iconic Catalan agri-food products and institutional or business eating situations, both in Catalonia and abroad, to offer catering companies and other suppliers solutions for providing a breakfast, aperitif, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner with local foods.

This project is part of a strategy to boost the internationalisation of Catalan agri-food products, harnessing the opportunities afforded by Catalonia's strong image, influence and the presence of its cuisine around the world.



  • Promote local products.
  • Raise awareness of Catalan cuisine and food products from Catalonia.
  • Increase Catalan ownership of our food culture.
  • Contribute to the internationalisation of Catalonia through knowledge of its gastronomy and products.
  • Transfer knowledge to catering companies and their staff, who will transfer it to the end customer.
  • Foster distinctive services while also fostering distinctive catering companies.
  • Create a tool to harness a trend.
  • Strengthen the agri-industrial business fabric of Catalonia.